What you need to know about MyConstituent App

What is MyConstituent App?

MyConstituent App is a web/mobile-based Portal designed to serve as a platform to enable constituents from Southern Senatorial District of Cross River State interact with Distinguished Senator Asuquo Ekpenyong.

What are the objectives of MyConstituents App?

The objectives of MyConstituent App is as follow:

1. To create an efficient medium of interaction between Senator Asuquo Ekpenyong and the people of Cross River South.

2. To provide a seamless platform for constituents to voice their concerns, share feedback and actively contribute to the legislative process.

3. To provide a platform to enable a more inclusive and responsive form of representation.

What benefits and value will MyConstituent App bring to constituents?

The benefits and value offer by MyConstituent App to the constituents are as follows:

1. The portal will provide users with access to information on initiatives, legislative activities and community outreach programs.

2. The portal will provide real-time updates on legislative activities and developments, community project and upcoming events within the district.

3. The portal will make legislative representation more effective by fostering a culture of transparency, accountability and active citizen engagement.

What can constituents do on the portal?

Constituent can perform the following activities on the portal:

1. Constituents can submit feedback such as suggestions, complaints and situation reports.

2. Constituents can send private messages directly to the Distinguished Senator.

3. Constituents can initiate issue-based conversations that will enhance effective representation and development at the Townhall section of the portal.

Who is eligible to sign up for access to MyConstituent App?

Anyone who resides or exercise their civic right of voting within Cross River South is eligible to join the portal.

How can constituents create user account on MyConstituent App?

To register on MyConstituent App. Click on Create Account and follow the instructions.

Do MyConstituent App have Term of Use and Privacy Policy?

Yes. Click on Terms and Privacy Policy to read through our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Can constituents deactivate his/her account on MyConstituent App?

Yes. constituents can deactivate their account by clicking on the deactivate account button on the user dashboard and follow the on-screen instructions to start the process.