Legislative Activity

01 December, 2023

As part of its oversight functions, the Senate committee on NDDC met with the board and management of the commission at the National Assembly complex.

In my remarks as Chairman, I expressed the determination of the committee to work in synergy with officials of the NDDC to bring to an end the era of abandonment of legacy projects.

I pointed out that the path to achieving this objective and forestalling future occurrences is 2 pronged: First, a review of the contracting/project monitoring process and secondly, the establishment of a meticulous needs assessment program.

The Committee further emphasised the fact that the board and management would have to play a pivotal role in addressing these challenges, and also highlighted the importance of the use of proactive measures to guarantee successful implementation and completion of all priority projects.

In his response, the Managing Director of the NDDC, Dr Samuel Ogbuku, aligned with the views of the committee and expressed an equally firm resolution by the board and management to ensure that the directives of the Committee are adhered to, and priority given to the resolution of all project abandonment issues.


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